Please review these requirements for all Participating Contractors.

To enroll, your business must:

  • Demonstrate experience in the residential HVAC maintenance, repairs, sales, and installation business by holding a C-20 license with the California State License board for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Have a full-service shop within 25 miles of PG&E’s service territory or within a county that’s part of PG&E’s service territory.
  • Employed HVAC technicians must have a Universal or Class II license and a minimum of two years’ experience.
  • Carry the minimum insurance requirements for workers compensation, automotive and general liability, naming PG&E and Build it Green as additionally insured.
  • Sign the Contractor Participation Agreement.
  • Comply with PG&E background check requirements for each field employee.
  • Complete the Technician Registration Checklist and Background Policy Compliance forms, available on the Registration Page or Resource Page, and forward them to your account manager.

Please email documents to or fax to 510-590-3361.

Once enrolled, you must attend these FREE trainings:

  • Technician Training:
    • Applying the HVAC industry standard Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Standard 4 for delivering comprehensive HVAC maintenance services to residential customers, including the latest methods for air flow and refrigeration improvements. These standards and practices have been accredited by ANSI.
  • Using the technician field support software to improve the quality of your system assessment and recommendations.
  • Operations Training (office staff):
    • Using the program portal to submit and track customer rebate applications.
    • Effectively selling the benefits of AC Quality Care and establishing long-term customer relationships.
    • Enrolling customers into PG&E’s AC Quality Care Rebate Program.

Training includes both classroom and on-site sessions and is provided at no charge to contractors! Training cannot be started until the enrollment is complete and the contractor is approved to participate in the program. Explore our upcoming trainings.

To qualify for rebates, your customers must:

  • Have electricity distributed by PG&E to the installation address.
  • Live in a single family home or duplex of three stories or less (no mobile homes, condominiums or apartments).
  • Have either a central air conditioning system or central heat pump system that is over one year old.
  • Have not claimed a rebate for the same work within the past five years.

If you have any questions, contact us.