Customer Eligibility Checklist

  • PG&E Electric Service
  • Residential Single Meter (no Master Meters)
  • Single Family or 2-4 Unit Structure
  • Working AC Unit

Occupancy Checklist

  • Has Lived in Home at Least 1 Year
  • Expects to Stay in Home at Least 2 More Years
  • Hasn’t Participated in other Ratepayer Programs: ESA (Energy Savings Assistance), CHES (Custom Home Energy Solutions), Home Energy Rewards, Cool Savers in past 1 year

EV’s & Solar Checklist

  • If customer has an Electric Vehicle, is on an EV charging rate
  • If customer has solar, note # of panels, is on Solar Net Meter rate

Measures Checklist

  • No kicker for Improvement Pathway Projects
  • Maximum of (2) Smart Thermostats per Home
  • Maximum of (2) AC Units Per Home
  • Refrigerant Charge: a static pressure reading < 1.0 IWC must be achieved when completing charge adjustment and cannot be performed if condenser coils are more than 15% damaged
  • Refrigerant Charge: Suction line must be fully insulated, both inside and outside
  • Refrigerant Charge: Locking caps must always be installed on units after they receive a refrigeration adjustment regardless of the unit’s location
  • Refrigerant Charge: DO NOT “top off” systems which already have a proper charge
  • Blower Motor: ECM motors are very effective at saving energy and should be installed whenever possible