Why do I need to use a participating contractor?

Contractors participating in the Comfortable Home Rebates Program, as well as their technicians, have completed comprehensive course work and training based on American National Standard Institute (ANSI)/Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Standard 4. ANSI/ACCA Standard 4 sets industry leading standards for inspection, treatment, improvement and maintenance of residential HVAC systems. The goal of the standard is to ensure that HVAC systems operate at optimum efficiency while maintaining indoor air quality and occupant comfort.

If a contractor presents me with a list of recommended corrections and improvements, am I required to have the work performed?

No. One of the goals of the Program is to inform you, as the customer, as to how your AC system’s performance measures against the ANSI/ACCA Standard 4. This may not mean that your system is not working properly nor has a serious issue. The Program seeks to assist customers in achieving optimum levels of efficiency and performance from their HVAC systems. As the customer, you are by no means obligated to have any work performed on your system. However, should you choose to have improvements made to your HVAC system, we will provide rebates based on the improvements made to offset your costs.

Will my energy bill be lower if I complete the recommended repairs?

Energy savings are dependent upon a number of factors, including the age of the system, the climate zone in which you live, personal comfort preference and the extent of any inefficiency of your system. Although we cannot give you a dollar estimate, any system running more efficiently will use less energy while maintaining or improving the comfort in your home.

Can Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) customers participate?

PG&E manages transmission, distribution and delivery of a CCA customer’s electricity, including providing meter reading, billing, maintenance and outage response services so all PG&E programs are open to CCA customers.

If I have a Smart Thermostat installed through this program will I still be eligible for PG&E’s Smart Thermostat rebate?

No, customers may only receive one rebate for a Smart Thermostat through PG&E’s programs.