peter troast

Home Performance Marketing Course

Drive high-quality leads to your business in this 36 video course.

Instructor: Peter Troast, Founder and CEO of The Energy Circle

Topics: How to Evaluate the Current State of Your Marketing, The Power of a Marketing Plan, The Power of an Integrated Marketing Strategy, Your Presence on the Web I—Your Website, Your Presence on the Web II—Social, Citations, and Reviews, Online Marketing and Advertising Tactics that Generate Leads.

mike rogers

Sales & Operations

Build the foundation for managing your business to improve profitability and sales.

Instructor: Mike Rogers, President OmStout

Topics: Your Operating Plan as a Management Tool, Connecting Your Marketing Plan to Operating Plans and Sales, Words and Deeds that Sell, Consultative Sales, Audit Report and Proposal Best Practices, Handling Typical Buying Objections

john tooley

Quality Management

Learn how to cut operational waste, reduce defects and boost profits with this 36 video course.

Instructor: John Tooley, Senior Building Science Consultant for Advanced Energy

Topics: Introduction to Quality, Fundamentals of Quality, Costs of Quality, Learning to Create Processes, Value Creation & Market Approach, Loyalty Leadership

Heat Pump Nation

Start your journey to heat pump mastery and expanding our business in this 6 video course.

Instructor: Jonathan Moscatello, The Heat Pump Store

Video 1: Heat Pumps: A Great Business Opportunity

Video 2: Talking About Heat Pumps With Customers

Video 3: How to Generate Low Cost, High Close Rate Leads for Heat Pumps

Video 4: Designing Heat Pump Installations for Heating and Cooling

Video 5: Top 10 Heat Pump Installation Fails

Video 6: Educating Customers on Living with a Heat Pump

Building Science for Dry Climates

California has a unique climate, this 7 video course takes classic Building Science and applies it to our climate zones for maximum energy efficiency performance.

Instructor: Ryan Connally, Professor of Construction & Design Technology

Topics: Building Science Basics, Weatherization, Combustion Safety, Pressure and Air Flow, Mechanical Ventilation, Building Shell, Air Sealing, Attics, Duct Testing and Leakage.