Your central air conditioning (AC) system accounts for 44% of your home energy bill. Your AC system is complex and needs regular maintenance, just like your car.

Essential, twice-a-year air conditioning maintenance can help your AC system perform better—to keep your home more comfortable, lower your costs and reduce the chances of a breakdown. Even better: PG&E offers rebates to help you complete this service.

Program MeasureRebate Amount
AC System Diagnostic
A comprehensive assessment to determine the health of your HVAC system, which includes checking the filter and verifying the unit is performing as expected.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric
AC Refrigerant Charge
The system diagnostic must demonstrate refrigerant charge cycle test-in failing and test-out passing.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric
Fan Delay Rebate
Install an efficient fan delay to capture cool air left in your system after the A/C has turned off.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric
ECM Motor 
Replace your outdated motor with new technology for significantly improved efficiency and cost savings.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric
Smart Thermostat
ENERGY STAR certified Smart Thermostats. Must be Wi-Fi enabled. Up to 2 (total) per home with corresponding HVAC system(s).

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric

Programming help.
Seal Ducts to 10% Leakage or Less
Existing ducts must have 20% leakage or greater at Test-In to be eligible.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric
Seal Ducts to 5% Leakage or Less
Existing ducts must have 10% leakage or greater at Test-In to be eligible.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric
Replacement Ducts and Duct Insulation
Replacement of existing systems only. Up to 2 systems (total) per home.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric
Right-Sized Return Duct(s) and Filter/Grille
Up to 2 returns (total) per home.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric
Sensi Predict
HVAC Predictive Maintenance System with 10 sensors, requires WiFi. $25 per year cost for monitoring.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric


Program MeasureRebate Amount
Multi-Measure Kicker
Available if System Assessment is completed plus two additional measures.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric
Testing Kicker for Duct Sealing and Duct Replacement
Available for Duct Sealing and Duct Replacement measures only to verify Duct Leakage.

PG&E Fuel Requirement: Electric

How It Works

Only contractors who have met rigorous criteria can assist you through the program. They will:

  • Spend an hour or more at your home going over how your system is working and what you can expect from the program.
  • Complete a detailed system assessment.
  • Provide you with a detailed evaluation and recommendations, along with information about qualifying for rebates.

You decide what work, if any, you want your contractor to perform. Once the work has been completed, your contractor will help you apply for PG&E rebates to offset your costs.

View the Maintenance Brochure.

More questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is My Home Eligible for the Program?

The Program is open to PG&E customers who:

  • Have Electricity Distributed by PG&E to the Service Address (Gas service through another provider or propane is allowed as long as customers obtain electricity through PG&E)
  • Have a Central Forced Air Conditioner or Heat Pump
  • Live in a detached Single-Family Residence or 2-4 Unit Complex
  • Have lived in the home for at least 12 months
  • Plan to stay in the home for at least the next 2 years
  • Have not participated in any PG&E or rate-payer funded energy saving programs in the past 12 months such as ESA (Energy Savings Assistance)

This program does not include rebates for air conditioner replacement. Click here for a list of AC unit rebates.